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Holy Geez


Wow, too doggy but to preface, dogs are astute and I simply looked, hey pupperoos,I said to my two girl dogs, nod.  They looked at me for action.  It’s okay I said, I couldn’t explain.   As I re-read that perhaps I’m insane. Naah, too easy. Holy jeez, mom’s home.  Mom loves our dogs but not […]

War On The Sick


The war on the sick in this case is the war on drugs. Such as cannabis. Big pharma is now facing its biggest foe. This plant called cannabis is the spearhead of the revolution between chemists and naturalists. I must admit a certain bias in that I have enjoyed cannabis since 1967 and although I […]

The Cataract Kid


More than 20 years ago my opthalmologist told me that I had minor cataracts. Years later I did another eye test and they said, moderate. Now, I’m not seeing so well. Things have become foggy as if through gauze or forest fire smoke hanging in  the air. I remember more than eight months ago my […]

Gravity Control

Monkey School

Monkey School


It wasn’t always a quick trip to Samui (in the Gulf of Thailand). There was the overnight boat where you bought a space on the bottom of the boat floor, enough to ly down on and the boat crossed the 30 miles to the island in about six hours maybe more. Then there was a […]