The Diamond Battery

James B

Nuclear waste has become the dangerous result of the nuclear age.

So far, we’ve dropped nuclear waste into the ocean, buried it in land and deep into mountain caves. Whoopie, it’s gone, uh yeah, maybe in thousands of years.

Along comes the diamond battery which eats nuclear waste and as a battery device can power a low volt toy such as your phone for a thousand years and I’m sure in that amount of time they’ll scale it up.

Here’s a recent report but altho out of date still contains a good amount of straight talk.

Remnants of the nuclear age with a happy ending? I don’t think so. Something that powerful if it exploded might take out a large mass. Our alkaline batteries are pretty deadly if they explode. Imagine if something with the power of a thousand years suddenly went wrong. The chance of someone pulling the trigger would increase a lot, perhaps billions would have their finger on that trigger if they wanted to. Sounds like a bit of a risk compared to a hundred or so responsible politicians who feel they would be somewhat devastated if he/she were the one so they don’t do it. Unless you aspire to the no win philosophy. Whoopee we’re all gonna die*Joe Fish but that was satire, he didn’t mean it.

If the same danger lies within the diamond battery that has now been revealed to us about nuclear power and its undisposable waste, I’d say no, it’s the last gasp of a nuclear path that needs to go away. Maybe later.

Meanwhile the magnet motor still solves the range problem of current batteries.

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