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AahI Can we talk about this.

Cannabis, marijuana, ganja, keef, etc, has been known since 2700BC and before that who knows.

Flash forward to the 1920’s.  Alcohol, cocacolaccaine, opioids, reefers.
A New York guy named Anslinger was part of reinstating alcohol and condemning pot.

Bzzt! oh it’s my phone.  Hello?  Yes?  Great, tomorrow ten AM, ok bye.

The above scene is now happening all over the world and for me tomorrow at ten.

I’m a member of the too old to be a hippie crowd.  Besides, I had a job.

I remember the first time I got the feeling after smoking some street bought pot.  I said, wow, like a mental orgasm.

If I were a vegetarian I would wonder of the animal and the vegetable way of thinking.

Sadly life eats life to stay alive.

Yet we all believe although we all die, something happens where we retain our consciousness and oneness of what we were alive.

Being agnostic I would say, maybe yes, maybe no.
And declaring myself as an agnostic what I’m saying is the very definition of the word, agnostic, I don’t know.

But I wonder.

Interestingly I wonder better with cannabis.  It’s as if my wondering becomes expanded and at the same time introverted where I don’t feel so afraid to look at myself.

Aside from the initial paranoia where you have never done this before and it’s really scary, you get over that quickly and realize that it essentially feels good.
First timers who never had the experience before and compare it to beer but find it’s not that.

Kinda like you get to think by yourself unlike before and it’s good because you criticize yourself for being stupid but now you feel positive and wish to make things right.

Make it legal, says everybody who smokes it.
Because they don’t want to lose that wonderful new and unique way of thinking, a way that looks forward as pharmaceuticals fade into side effects. 

The psychedelic era is blossoming.

All that wild and crazy sixties stuff with lsd, mescaline and mushrooms, and pot, seems to have had an effect on me.

Now, cannabis is being heralded as not only better to make paper and clothes, and a bronchial expander for your lungs, but also, a cancer cure not to mention all those other cures mentioned. 
Epilepsy, other seizures….

Fascinating times we live in. The long pivot and return of cannabis is now spirited along by the promise of untold profits already being sunk into schools, roads and community centers.

I believe pharmacy is/was essentially good and will continue. And the only way they’ll redeem their proper position is to embrace the weed consumers and industry and throw in their support.

I also have come to believe that cannabis, mescaline and psilocybin,
classified as enemy drugs that no one should venture near,
have become the very drugs of interest by science now.

Question:  Why are these drugs forbidden.

Answer:  Sorry.

Now they’re not.

What Do You Think?

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Cannabis is legal in the state of California and other states.
Get as high as you want.  Don’t worry.  You might get scared but you won’t die.
They say nobody ever died from a cannabis overdose, except Bruce Lee.  But it wasn’t cannabis.

Personally I think all natural substances should be legal.

Sadly, there are places where the government says you’re not allowed to grow tomatoes in your own back yard.

I find solace that we’re living in a transitory period on this subject and soon every substance will be equal and the study will truthfully reveal good and bad.

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