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Holy Geez

James B

Wow, too doggy but to preface, dogs are astute and I simply looked, hey pupperoos,I said to my two girl dogs, nod.  They looked at me for action.  It’s okay I said, I couldn’t explain.   As I re-read that perhaps I’m insane.
Naah, too easy.

Holy jeez, mom’s home.  Mom loves our dogs but not in the house and the dogs were with me in my roommmm……by time ahe parked and came up I already let them out the back.  Hi honey, nothing going on here howbout you….she never believed me for a minute.  She knew these two beautiful wonderful gentle and loyal and loving animals were in the house while she was away….simply writing those words….and perhaps secretly….mmphaharumph which means something along the lines of hottzigittypopshctitz.

More at eleven from the WTF Network already armed with ‘facts’ you haven’t even seen yet.

And now, for all the folks out there ready.

Here’s my thought.

We follow everything digital.  Everything is digital.

Except we humans unsubjected to chips.  Them too.  Maybe.

I don’t have an analog system but I have a great amp and dynaudio acoustic speakers.

But, my favourite sound surgeon and acoustic engineer and friend, Graeme Renaud, once told me when he heard analogue again and it brought him to tears, how sweet the sound.

I’m optimistic for the human race. and all of nature as we know it  I know some smart people and so do they know even smarter people..


So, cue the JB Podcasta Orchestra and let’s bring out the guests.

Kudos to the band above.  Who are you guys, please come forth and help give credit to your great performance.

Suddenly I want to stop.

Geez.  All so overwhelming.  Asteroids, earthquakes and tsumanis and I’m enjoying my levitating light bulb.


So unfair.  Why can’t everybody.





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