I’m Back

James B

Well, not really, July 26th I get my left eye done.  See Cataract Kid.

It was depressing back then.

Koh Samui.

Uh, is that really a good place to do a podcast compared to LA, New York, London.

Turns out Koh Samui is very popular at times with smart people wanting to talk about the universe, gravity control, the magnet motor and electric cars and I will find good guests because lots of smart and rich people like to come here for the awayness.

For me it was my away place from Hong Kong where I woke up and worked till I went to sleep.  Now it’s just Koh Samui.  The trouble for me is I miss the struggle to make enough cash to come here in the first place.  So as they say, be careful for what you wish for because you might just get it.

Stay tuned for yet another David Barclay episode.  By the way he likes Bob Lazar.

The subjects we can cover with the right guests is gravity control, stem cell research, electric cars with a magnet motor to keep it charged, ancient history, Atlantis, Mu and a host of topics including weed psilocybin and other mind expanding substances such as lsd and mescaline.  The idea is to take some and then talk about cosmology.

Not so much about that but more about the attitude of people who take such substances and those who don’t.

For me the problem with pharmaceuticals is one may cause a reaction requiring another pharmaceutical to counter the effect and so on.
I have great respect for pharmaceuticals and because I don’t take them when I need them they work.  Unlike those who take a bunch of pills chemically created for what ails you.  If they work I love em but I look for a natural alternative every time.


I have two examples of great men with great ideas shut down by the pharmaceutical industry because both men would have put the chemical industry out of business.  But between the support of the medical foundation and the power of the pharmaceutical industry, they put both these guys out of business.

The first guy was Royal Raymond Rife who invented a quartz crystal lens microscope that was better than a modern one.  Also, he developed a frequency therapy capable of curing cancer and other things.  Despite Rife’s amazing achievements he was destroyed by ignorant and jealous jerks.

The other guy was Otto Warburg who discovered that oxygen therapy cured almost everything.
He too was attacked and ridiculed but like Rife was never proven wrong.

With this in mind is it any wonder, aside from social networks where we all get to talk,

and get to express our opinions, why do they keep shutting down the good guys.


Tesla, Rife, Warburg, these guys with great ideas and they all got shut down by money nuts.
Tesla did wonders but he died alone and when he did they ‘they’ took all his papers.

The legacy of Rife and Warburg are not well known and for many neither is Tesla.

For all three of these brilliant guys, for those with a science bent, please bend here and look at what these guys did.

And look closely at why they lost.

They should have won.

Much more coming.

Check David Barclay podcast 7.

Now 8 and because the topic is so vast there will be more.





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