James B Podcasts Episode Two The Power Of Stem Cells

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The Power Of Stem Cells

James B Podcasts Episode Two The Power Of Stem Cells. James B. looks into “what are stem cells” the possible use, now and in the future.

We had lined up some experts but they didn’t reply so I winged it and our Tech Dude Dick was right there with great links.

Hey, I’m no expert as you will see but I have a natural curiosity on the subject.

The Power of Stem Cells

The site they refer to in the Joe Rogan – Mel Gibson – Dr Neil Riordan Interview in the above video is https://www.cellmedicine.com

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As I said, stem cells and the research thereof appears to be the most amazing breakthrough in medical history in a thousand years, at least.

How did they establish the idea that one particular cell could reproduce itself as any cell in the body.


Well, there’s more than one kind of stem cell.

Basically, there are adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.
Adult stem cells can reproduce some things but embryonic cells, it is said, can reproduce many more things.

I’m a fairly recent stem cells research fan.

The Power Of Stem Cells

James B Podcasts Episode Two The Power Of Stem Cells

It was about ten months ago I was sitting with my pal Barrie and he brought up stem cell research.
New to me, he walked me through the basics citing an Australian website that was doing stem cell therapy and getting results.
An example, instead of a surgical hip replacement, they shot stem cells into the troubled area and within weeks the regeneration process is underway and the stem cells sprout new hip collagen cells.
With a surgical hip replacement, recovery time is 18 months.
With stem cell therapy you walk out as you walked in and in a very short time you feel better.

It’s an amazing subject but not so new.  References to the theory of stem cells date as far back as 1885.

And now it’s not a theory.  It’s a fact.

Watch James B Podcasts Episode 2 if you’re curious about stem cell research.

The Power of Steam Cells

If you have continued interest you’ll find a ton of stuff to see and perhaps you, like me, will find the subject as fascinating.

Also, I have a selfish interest in that the more I learn now, the better equipped I’ll be when I find that perhaps I will need stem cell therapy.
My knees are okay now but my left hip is calling for attention.  Also my eyes, perhaps my lungs, my back and possibly my brain.
Hard to tell about that when you are the subject but I think I’m ok re alzheimers.
I remember more stuff now than I ever did in my life, basically because now I’m older.

Stem cells.  If you haven’t heard of them before, make a note.

Stem Cell Research.  It’s a big deal.

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