James B Podcasts Episode Four Pavel Gubarev Russian Entrepreneur

James B

Episode Four Pavel Gubarev Russian Entrepreneur

Pavel Gubarev Russian Entrepreneur. We first met Pavel Gubarev (not to be confused with another Pavel Gubarev the politician) here on the island of Samui in the gulf of Thailand.

Pavel Gubarev Russian Entrepreneur

He was the first Russian we ever met.  Growing up in Canada during the cold war with Russia and America, we would look down from the north with our long cold noses and often disapprove of America’s doings but we mostly followed the US and the ramifications of the Cold War, often withholding an opinion.
So when Pavel and I first met, I was halfway brainwashed from all that sabre rattling over the years looking down from the Great White North.
Turns out, we hit it off immediately and now we’re old friends.

Also we forgot to ask Pavel about his video game that he created.  I recall it was a fun with science based game and there was a duck.

Pavel Gubarev, Russian entrepreneur.  He doesn’t call himself that.  That’s something I call him, based on his amazing knowledge and success, and it makes a good title.

We gotta get this guy on again.  He knows a lot of things.

Pavel Gubarev Russian Entrepreneur

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It was great to see him on James B Podcasts Episode Four.  It had been 3 years.  I said, Pavel you look the same.  He said, you look the same too.  I said, that’s nice but I’m still bald.
Three years go Pavel had to cut his Samui vacation short because of the looming economic sanctions crisis in Russia.  That was the last time I saw Pavel Gubarev.

Until the above podcast.

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