Stem Cells Research And You

James B

On Tuesday on James B Podcasts we’ll be talking about stem cell research.

We’ll ask lots of questions such as, can stem cells fix anything?  And what the heck are stem cells?

For those of interest here’s a BBC documentary that helps tell you what stem cells are all about.

On our Tuesday James B Podcasts, we will talk about this amazing not so new topic. Stem cells.

Back in the 70’s the US government felt a moral opposition to stem cell research
because at the time the only way to harvest stem cells was by using those of aborted babies or something equally repugnant.

Since then research has discovered new methods of finding and generating stem cells.
They have been found in throwaway placenta, your own bone marrow and fat and skin cells.

This discovery is of such a blinding flash over the past few decades that now there are inflated prices and stem cell scams.

Nevertheless stem cell research is valid and offers a possible way out of an impossible situation.

Join us Tuesday, 1 PM Bangkok time on seehear.net

Conversation about the most amazing medical breakthrough in a thousand years.  Or more.

Experts are welcome to join us or if you just want to make a comment please drop by and ask your question or share your stem cell experience.

See Hear you Tuesday for talk about stem cell research.  It’s gonna be fun, exciting and hopefully illuminating.

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