The Cataract Kid

James B

More than 20 years ago my opthalmologist told me that I had minor cataracts.

Years later I did another eye test and they said, moderate.

Now, I’m not seeing so well. Things have become foggy as if through gauze or forest fire smoke hanging in  the air.

I remember more than eight months ago my vision was fine and now I see less.  If you compare 20/20 to HD I now see about half and too dark.  Sometimes I’ll look at something and think it’s one thing but when I get closer it’s something else.
My fear of darkness is enough to get the lens replacement surgery.

I see better at night because the dark I see in the daytime blends in with the natural dark but it’s a delusion that I see better. I just see more dark.

And now here’s Bruce Springsteen with Dancing in the Dark….oops sorry, didn’t see you there.

And as the sun slowly sinks outside the restroom window, as you seek relief I will be too.

Apparently this whole lens surgery thing is very common.
So I’m thinking of making it happen to me and see clearly again like I remember as a kid without glasses.

See you soon.

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James B
- 10 Months ago

July 20
My right eyeball works normal other than coping with my left eye soon to be done but now is a stark contrast with its ever encroaching cataracts. So, right eye consistent at 20/20 but down a bit. My last eye test showed I could see down to the third bottom line but two weeks previous I was reading the bottom line and the name of the company which made the eye test. Now over a month since lens surgery my vision has maintained its clarity down to the third bottom line. Not bad. I can see far mid and close very well and if there’s no further deterioration I’ll be a glad guy. More to say July 28 or something close to that.

James B
- 11 Months ago

Tomorrow we rise early to catch the 5am ferry to the mainland to get final pronouncement from my eyeball surgeon (ophthalmologist) for my right eye.
Later that same day there are plans of smoking and drinking afoot. Something I’ve abstained from till tomorrow since June 16th, the day of the right eye. As I write this I’m promising myself not to celebrate too much, more like moderation within moderation, he said with just a tinge of doubt.

James B
- 11 Months ago

Eye number one done. Ping! Wow. Eye Number two in a couple weeks.
A more comprehensive report will follow.

James B
- 12 Months ago

June 9th and no confirmation yet for the first eye. Still shooting for June 16th.
The second eye is slated for two weeks later, the prescribed time to let the new lens set. Two weeks later I get to see if both eyes work together.
Meanwhile, buy the levitating light bulb from my friend, Betty. Also on Amazon.

James B
- 1 Year ago

April 24th and two more opthalmologists who agreed that I spelled their profession wrong. Sorry guys. They agreed that I had ‘symptons’ of glaucoma. And now, in a way they’re convincing me.
But when I told the opthalmoligist that perepherally on a good day I can see my own ears… That doesn’t seem like tunnel vision or glaucoma.
Hey, look, up in the sky, it’s iherb.com appearing to say that seehear.net is an official site. I must ask if they will pay me for their kindness.

By the way, I think it was Dickie Techdude who selected that logo for me. Hmm, I kinda like it. What the fuck is it? Whatever, the next version might have a tinge of red.