War On The Sick

James B

The war on the sick in this case is the war on drugs. Such as cannabis.

Big pharma is now facing its biggest foe.
This plant called cannabis is the spearhead of the revolution between chemists and naturalists.

I must admit a certain bias in that I have enjoyed cannabis since 1967 and although I could stop taking it if I were forced to I choose to continue my 50 year venture.

Cannabis is included in the UN Schedule One list of bad stuff, things like heroin, amphetamenes (actually schedule 2), opium, but they make decent pharmaceuticals from them, to a fault.

Meanwhile, the plant with a history of thousands of years is Verboten, forbidden, banned from science.

This is about to change. Canada will legalize weed probably in July of this year.  The US, federally still has pot on Schedule One, meaning no value.  Uh, excuse me….cue the Colorado California Orchestra, as everybody joins in.

Canvas is a word derived from cannabis which makes better fabricr than trees. And hemp makes better cotton than cotton.
So if trees which take hundreds of years to grow to make paper and hemp takes six months to provide a stronger fiber to make paper and clothing and healthy oils and when you get high on it you can have a great introspective, on that alone….Henry Ford made his Model T out of hemp for a demonstration showing it was stronger than steel.

And, this particular plant is now seeing claims of cancer cure.



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James B
- 1 Year ago

Either people are too pussy to comment or there’s no one there.\I prefer the former and almost feel like going into the local farming.